Your questions about WTF is going on with Brexit, answered

Vox’s foreign podcast, Worldly, covers what you need to know ahead of Britain’s exit date of March 29, 2019.

There are just two weeks to go until Brexit officially happens, and the United Kingdom still hasn’t approved a final divorce deal with the European Union.

The UK remains stuck in the same bind it’s been in for weeks: unable to stomach Prime Minister Theresa May’s current Brexit withdrawal agreement, seeking concessions from the EU its officials are probably not willing to give, and failing to agree on little except the desire to avoid leaving the EU without a deal on March 29, 2019.

Parliament voted to delay the deadline, but it’s unclear if the EU will let that happen.

Which means that if nothing changes, the UK officially drops out of the EU on March 29, deal or no deal. A no-deal Brexit would be disastrous for the UK economy, and while businesses and people are preparing for the worst — doing everything from stockpiling goods to hoarding medicines — the consequences would be unpredictable and dire.

It’s a mess. But our job at Vox is to try to make sense of it all — and to do that, we needed your help.

Your questions about Brexit, answered

Over the next few weeks, the Vox foreign team — including the hosts of Worldly — will be focusing its attention on the upcoming Brexit vote. In order to help our reporting, we asked you what questions you had about Brexit.

  • This Worldly episode answers your questions about Russian interference and the real reasons why so many Brits wanted to leave the EU to begin with.
  • This Worldly episode answers these questions: What happens if there’s no deal, and why doesn’t Britain just have another vote on Brexit?

Further reading and listening

Catch up on some of our past coverage of the situation:

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  • Here’s the Worldly episode we did back in September on the looming Brexit catastrophe.

Author: Lauren Katz

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