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 Astrology has almost no science to back it up. But people love it anyway.Humans have been looking for meaning in the heavens for thousands of years. Those faraway lights in the sky moved in predictable ways and had clear effects on our seasons, tides, and harvests. So it seemed plausible that they might control other aspects of our lives too.

Nearly every ancient culture in the world invented a form of astrology. Today, some people plan their weddings or when they’ll give birth based on lucky zodiac signs. Millions of people can’t get enough of horoscope columns and Twitter accounts. And yes, people really use “What’s your sign?” as a pickup line.

But it’s 2018, and we know that astrology isn’t scientific. Your astrological sign is probably wrong. You can’t blame all your problems on Mercury in retrograde.

So if astrology isn’t backed up by science, why do so many of us still look for meaning in the stars?

Vox tackled this question on this week’s episode of our Netflix show, Explained. We have new episodes every Wednesday on topics ranging from gene editing to dieting to weed and more. If you like our videos, then you’ll love this show; it’s our most ambitious video project to date.

To watch, search “Explained” on Netflix or go to Click the “My List” button to make sure you don’t miss an episode.

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Author: Lexie Schapitl

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