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How to Mine Shiba Inu SHIB with Your Computer in Under 3 Minutes in 2021

A Step by Step Guide to Pool Mining Shiba Inu SHIB Coin in 2021 with a CPU!

Sometimes mining can seem to be too complex for the average computer user, so I thought about putting together a quick guide to get you excited about mining cryptocurrency and Shiba SHIB in particular.

Anyone can start mining Shiba Inu with any computer in under 3 minutes with this guide, regardless of your technical skill level you will be able to increase your crypto knowledge and start mining SHIB with your CPU today!!

STEP 1: Get yourself a Wallet.

I recommend you installing Metamask as a Chrome extension, you can get it at

Make sure you connect the Binance Smart Chain network to metamask (Google the instructions…) or get them from this link: Binance Academy

You could also get Exodus or Atomic Wallet for you to get some other coin addresses without any hassle.

Select the Binance Smart Chain in Metamask and copy your address.

STEP 2: Download XMRIg from Github

You could go to the xmrig site to download the latest version or from the oficial github repository:

Once you download the latest version you would have to edit a file named “pool_mine_example.cmd” Inside this file you need to modify 2 lines.

It could look similar to this:

cd %~dp0
xmrig.exe -o -u SHIB:0xe1b2456a2Ad227b93D7a7421f1E9Cc57908cC37c.wini3#yz7r-otjs -p x

In the second line after the -o you can see the Pool URL, in this case all you have to do depending on your location is to use one of the following URLs (select the one closer to your location).


Then, the third line is where you will enter your wallet’s public address (copied in STEP 1), place it after the SHIB: and before the first dot “.” .

The general structure of the address needs to be:

[COIN]:[Wallet address].[workerID]#[Code to lower mining fee]

The workerID is any name you want to give to each computer where you are running the miner so it can easily be identified later on under the pool stats.

The code after the # is important because mining with that code will drop the Mining Fee from 1% to 0.75% (it makes a difference). You can start mining using that code xz7R-otjs.

Run the file as an administrator.

If everything goes well, you are now running XMRig and are mining. Congrats !!

Step 3: Log into Unmineable to check your stats is a mining Pool which allows you to mine with your CPU using RandomX and pay you in any coin you select.

Remember when you set up the address inside the XMRig config file ?

Well, there you just let Unmineable know the coin you want to be paid in, in this example SHIB and then the address where they will transfer the mined coins.

In order to check your balance, log into Unmineable and then select the coin you want to mine. In this example, SHIB.

Then you can select the Tab that reads RandomX and enter your address in the box that reads “Enter your address to check your stats:”.

After doing this you will see the balance on your account and you will even be able to request a payment.

Congrats, you are a miner now!

I recommend downloading some software to monitor the running temperature of your CPU, a good and free one is Hardware Monitor.

Try not to exceed the temperature more than 90 degrees celsius. In case you are mining with a laptop, change the thermal paste of your CPU, get it cleaned inside, and get some heat extractors for laptops.

If you take care of the temperature your computer should work very well, the amount of coins you can mine will depend on the hashrate of your CPU.

Remember to use a valid address for each coin, for example if you want to be paid in ADA then you need a valid Cardano blockchain address. In this example Binance Smart Chain is used and you would receive a SHiba Inu token on the BSC blockchain.

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