What’s happening to our winters?

What’s happening to our winters?

Omar Marques/Anadolu via Getty Images

This winter has been unseasonably hot. In fact, last month the world experienced its warmest January ever measured, and February is likely to continue that streak.

This rise in temperatures is not isolated to any one part of the world. It’s happening everywhere, like in the Southern Hemisphere, where it’s summer, and in the Northern Hemisphere, where it’s winter. Even the oceans are at never-before-seen temperatures, which portends more danger for corals and could fuel more intense hurricanes and typhoons. As temperatures rise, ocean waters warm, providing fuel for storms. It’s a mix that makes hurricanes more intense and unpredictable.

The stories below reveal how our winters are changing — and fast. Follow here for the latest news, analysis, and explainers on how winter is losing its cool.

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