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Impeachment inquiry holds its first public hearing; rising water in Venice turns deadly.

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The first public hearing

Floods turn deadly in Venice

  • One man is confirmed dead as a result of Venice’s biggest floods in the last 50 years. [CNN / Julia Hollingsworth]
  • Venice’s mayor declared a state of emergency after the water level reached about six feet and two inches. [New York Times / Elisabetta Povoledo]
  • Over 85 percent of the city is submerged in water and floods only two inches short of the highest recorded floods, in 1966. [NPR / Bill Chappell]
  • ”Now the government must listen,” tweeted Mayor Luigi Brugnaro. “These are the effects of climate change. … The costs will be high.” [BBC]
  • The combination of high winds and a full moon tide are partly to blame for the record water levels, with another round of high tides expected Thursday. [Vice News / Alex Lubben]



“For me, it was just so sad that a foreign embassy in the United States had bullied an American mosque. … The NBA gives me a big platform, and so that’s why I’m trying to be a voice for all those innocent people who don’t have one.” [Boston Celtics center of Turkish origin Enes Kanter on how his vocal criticism of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan impacted his attempt to host a free basketball camp]

Listen to this: Bill and Kent’s congressional adventure

The first public hearing in the impeachment inquiry was held today. Vox’s Andrew Prokop explains the significance of the testimonies given by acting Ambassador William Taylor and George Kent, deputy assistant secretary at the State Department. [Spotify]

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