What’s the most important question facing the world in 2019?

Do you ever think to yourself, after an unavoidable encounter in the airport with a television that’s blasting cable news, “Why don’t they ever talk about [fill in the blank]?”

The news can be confusing, overwhelming, and worst of all, incomplete.

That’s where we come in.

The Vox video team is launching a new show with YouTube Originals, and it’s unlike anything we’ve done before. Instead of coming up with a bunch of story ideas ourselves, we want your questions to drive our reporting.

Tell us: What’s the most important question facing the world in 2019? It can be about anything — science, money, health, relationships, tech, government, and beyond.

Your video could be featured in our upcoming series, and we’ll choose 12 of the best question-askers to join us on camera as we report the answers.

Do you have a great question for us to explore? Here’s what to do next.

Upload a video by Monday, November 5, telling us:

  • Your name
  • Where you live
  • Your question
  • A personal story about what got you interested in the topic: Did something happen to you or to someone you know? Did you see something in the news and think, “Huh?”

Want to increase the likelihood we pick your question?

  • Make sure you’re in the center of the frame, and if you’re on your phone, flip it horizontally!
  • Try to keep windows and bright lights out of the background, and background noise to a minimum.
  • Use an external microphone — earbuds with a built-in mic work great!
  • Keep the video under 5 minutes.

Author: Vox Staff

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