Multiple people were killed in the shooting, which happened during a video game tournament in the area.

There was a mass shooting in Jacksonville, Florida, on Sunday.

A shooter opened fire at Jacksonville Landing, a marketplace and entertainment area in downtown Jacksonville, during a video game tournament there, police said. At least three people, including the shooter, were killed, and 11 others were injured.

The shooting reportedly took place at the Chicago Pizza in Jacksonville Landing, next to the GLHF Game Bar, which was hosting a Madden NFL video game tournament at the time.

The tournament was being streamed on the internet platform Twitch when the shooting occurred, and video and audio of the shooting and aftermath swept across the internet shortly after. The content is extremely disturbing and graphic.

Here’s what we know so far.

What we know

  • Around 1:30 pm, there were 911 calls reporting a shooting at the Chicago Pizza in Jacksonville Landing, Sheriff Mike Williams said at a press conference. Soon after, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office tweeted that the public should stay away from the area.
  • At least three people were killed, including the shooter, Williams said. Nine others were injured by gunshot, and two more by other means.
  • Authorities tentatively identified the suspect as 24-year-old David Katz from Baltimore. He allegedly used a handgun in the shooting.
  • The shooting took place during a Madden NFL video game tournament at GLHF Game Bar, which is next door to the Chicago Pizza. According to the event’s Facebook page, it was a $5,000 tournament and qualifying event for a national competition sponsored by EA Sports later this year.
  • The tournament was being live streamed on the online platform Twitch, and video and audio of the stream captured the incident and the aftermath. Be warned: The content is extremely disturbing and graphic.

  • In the aftermath, authorities said they were finding people hiding in locked spaces at the Jacksonville Landing, and said SWAT was doing a “methodical search” of the area.

  • Gamers apparently at the event tweeted about the shooting.

  • White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said that President Donald Trump had been briefed on the shooting and was monitoring the situation, according to the White House press pool. The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives responded to the scene, according to CNN.

What we don’t know

  • The shooter’s motivation

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